Cooking with Spices vs. Marinades: What’s Healthier?

It’s no secret that cooking with marinades adds a ton of extra calories to the food we consume. Trust me, I am not the type of person who counts calories or obsesses over them at all. For me it’s about WHERE those calories are coming from. For example, calories from healthy fats vs. not so healthy fats trigger different responses inside our bodies. One gets used as fuel for good quality energy and the other typically gets stored fat and makes you feel tired, I’m sure you guess which one does which. Calories in marinades often come from unhealthy fat sources and SUGAR. And typically it’s the not so healthy, make you feel crazy when you don’t have it, addicting, sugar. (majority of people are addicted to sugar without even realizing it, but thats a topic for another blog post).

Obviously we all want our food to taste good right? So how do we eat clean and eat good at the same time? Well one way is to amp up your SPICE game baby!

I stopped marinating food in marinades a long time ago when I found out that I can eat food that tastes just as good without adding the extra junk in my body. I started cooking with spices and it’s an ultimate game changer in the kitchen.

Why cook with spices:
  1. it’s easier
  2. it’s quicker
  3. it’s cheaper
  4. it’s healthier

Easy, quick, cheap, and healthy…What more could you ask for!

I have a whole collection of spices that I cook with. Basically I have a spice solution for every craving I have right in my spice cabinet, and I never ever feel deprived. That’s the beauty of it, there is an abundance of different spices out there you can work with in the kitchen to satisfy your taste buds while eating clean!

Invest in a nice new spice rack and fill that baby up! Get creative and have fun with it!

Here’s a short list of the 5 spices I can’t live without:
  1. Cayenne pepper
  2. Turmeric
  3. Pink Himalayan Sea Salt & Black Pepper
  4. Garlic Powder
  5. Cumin

Which marinades or spices do you love to cook with? Do you want suggestions for spices to substitute your marinades with? Comment below and I’d love to hear your feedback and help you cook cleaner!





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Gianna leads a life of passion guided by intuition and personal experiences! Gianna currently lives in Boston, MA and is a dedicated yogi, writer, yoga and fitness instructor, coach, meditation teacher, healthy cooking enthusiast, and fierce advocate for peace.

Gianna strongly believes that peace in the world starts within. When we work on our own inner peace and personal wellbeing we spread this out into the world, creating a ripple effect. Happy people, who feel good, make others happy and inspire them to feel good as well. This is the inspiration behind all of her work, making others feel better in their body, mind, and life so they can then spread that out into the world as well.

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