Meal Prepping: The Simple Secret to Healthy Weight Loss & Optimal Health

Every Sunday or Monday night, I meal prep. It keeps me sane and structured with my clean eating! On the weeks that I don’t meal prep, I feel like a hot mess. Disheveled, unorganized, and low energy! Not a good look!

What’s “meal prep” ???

Put super simple:

Meal prep: preparing food for the next 3-5 days in advanced.

My meal prep days started when I was a fitness competitor. A major part of my training was preparing, weighing, and measuring the right amount of proteins, carbs, and fats to achieve my goal physique for competition day! Training for fitness competitions was an extremely rigid lifestyle that I no longer strive to maintain, but it taught me the value of being organized with my food.

Eating clean is no easy task. It’s a major adjustment that can be time consuming in the beginning, which is why preparation is key.

“Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.”

So why should you meal prep?

Goals are nothing without a plan. You need an organized plan and commitment to that plan to be successful at anything, especially clean eating.

Here are 4 Major Reasons to Meal Prep:
  1. You’ll be less likely to fall off your clean eating regimen if your healthy food is already cooked for you!
  2. Add more time to your day with less time planning or preparing food on a daily basis!
  3. Save money! You’ll save $$$ buying in bulk and not eating out as often!
  4. You’ll reach your goals faster without even realizing it!

Ready to get started????

Meal Prep 101:
  1. Meal prep on a Sunday or Monday: Kick the week off organized and prepared to tackle the week ahead with good quality fuel for ALL the craziness that awaits in the week ahead!
  2. Plan Ahead: Don’t just show up at the market and freelance this, plan ahead by thinking about what your body is craving and create a menu of foods to purchase and cook that will help meet your body’s needs.
  3. Cook with Love: Meal prep will probably take you about 1.5-2 hours, don’t make it a dreadful process, even if you don’t feel like doing it. If you cook rushing and annoyed it’s unlikely you’ll enjoy the food you are eating all that much!
  4. Set the Mood: Make your kitchen and cooking space feel good! Get those good vibes flowing by playing your favorite music or lighting a candle!
  5. Package it All Up: Once your done cooking, divide up your food into containers and package everything up so it’s ready to go! All you’ll have to do is open the fridge in the morning, grab the container, and run out the door all week!!!!

Do you meal prep? Share your meal prep tips and questions below!

Commit to this and HAVE FUN!!!

Your health relies on it!



About Gianna Contillo

Gianna leads a life of passion guided by intuition and personal experiences! Gianna currently lives in Boston, MA and is a dedicated yogi, writer, yoga and fitness instructor, coach, meditation teacher, healthy cooking enthusiast, and fierce advocate for peace.

Gianna strongly believes that peace in the world starts within. When we work on our own inner peace and personal wellbeing we spread this out into the world, creating a ripple effect. Happy people, who feel good, make others happy and inspire them to feel good as well. This is the inspiration behind all of her work, making others feel better in their body, mind, and life so they can then spread that out into the world as well.

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