5 Ways to Start a Home Yoga Practice

It’s no secret that yoga is a magical practice. The practice of yoga is an experience of connection with yourself and the people in the world around you – mind, body, and spirit. Yoga means UNION. Uniting with a group of yogis to practice yoga in a yoga studio is an incredible experience that I think everyone should try! However, if you can’t practice yoga at a yoga studio for whatever reason, you can start a home practice.

Practicing yoga at home is a different experience than practicing in a studio setting, but its equally magical in its own way because you can personalize a yoga space specifically for you and practice whenever you want. See my 5 tips for starting one below!



Create The Space

Personalize a space in your home dedicated to your yoga practice. Place any special objects in this area and use scents that make you feel good.

Get The Props

Be prepared. Invest in a good yoga mat, 2 yoga blocks, a yoga strap, and a yoga towel to start. You also may want to invest in a bolster if you enjoy restorative or yin yoga. You can get most of this stuff on Amazon.com!

Commit toYour Practice

It can be easy to make excuses for skipping your practice or ending your practice early without a physical yoga teacher present leading you. So you have to seriously commit to your practice and DO EVERYTHING in your power to follow through. Try this: Commit to the specific days and minutes of each of those days you can realistically practice yoga at home, commit to it, and do it.

Make a Habit of Officially Checking-in

Every time you practice, do something that symbolizes you have officially checked-in on your yoga mat to practice. This will help avoid being distracted by things around your home. When I practice at home I dim the lights and light a candle to symbolize its time to practice. I blow it out when I finish, which symbolizes that I can now go do the dishes, change my laundry, answer that text, and step back out into the world. Pick something that works for you and do it!

Create a Sequence or Choose a Class that Works for You

Whether it’s a yoga sequence you created in your head or a an online yoga class, find a class that best suits your personal needs and commit to the whole class. Yoga Journal’s website has some great sequences. Here are some great websites that also offer online yoga classes with instructors:




You’re ready! Go start that home practice and flow!


Share your thoughts, home practice experiences, and questions in the comment section below!


– G

About Gianna Contillo

Gianna leads a life of passion guided by intuition and personal experiences! Gianna currently lives in Boston, MA and is a dedicated yogi, writer, yoga and fitness instructor, coach, meditation teacher, healthy cooking enthusiast, and fierce advocate for peace.

Gianna strongly believes that peace in the world starts within. When we work on our own inner peace and personal wellbeing we spread this out into the world, creating a ripple effect. Happy people, who feel good, make others happy and inspire them to feel good as well. This is the inspiration behind all of her work, making others feel better in their body, mind, and life so they can then spread that out into the world as well.

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